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Advanced Mobile Application development with Xamarin

Develop your mobile app across Android, iOS and Windows with a single code base, resulting in significantly reduced cost and Time-To-Market.

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xamarin application development
xamarin mobile application dvelopment

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin is now the leader in cross-platform development tools, and has gained acceptance across industries globally.

15000+ Companies are relaying on Xamarin

xamarin mobile application company

Why Xamarin?

The king of cross platform apps

Save 30% development cost and faster time to market

Native UI, Performance & Functionality

Over 300 integrations with 3rd party libraries and cloud services

Build apps for iOS, Android and Windows with upto 90% shared code

Leverage existing C# or .Net code

Logiticks -microsoft silver partner

Xamarin is now part of Microsoft

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Two approaches to development using Xamarin

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Xamarin Forms

  • Cross platform UI toolkit abstraction
  • Shared UI code across platforms
  • Rendered natively on each platform
  • 80% code re-use
Fintech services by Logiticks

Xamarin Native

  • Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android
  • UI is platform specific
  • Tuned for each platform
  • UI code is non shareable
  • Best to get the optimal UI on each platform
xamarin mobile app development

xamarin cross platform app development

Native vs Cross Platform Mobile App Development

A major question faced by designers, developers and entrepreneurs are which platform to target and whether it will be able to attract users or not. Hence, the recent market trend is all about cross platform development. Why choose when you can actually target all the platforms with an added bonus of reduced costs instead of gambling with our luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xamarin?
Can I get Native Look and Feel using Xamarin?
There are actually two different ways to build the UI. You can use the original native methods to build the UI or you can use Xamarin.Forms. Forms let you build UI for different platforms all at once which renders controls specific to platform.
Xamarin can save 40% cost, Is that correct?
Can a single developer can build all the 3 platforms using Xamarin?
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Xamarin App Development Company in India

Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile application framework. It provides solutions for most of the issues encountered by programmers in app development. With knowledge of C# language, it is possible to develop native apps for multiple platforms using Xamarin. It enables building, testing and deployment of apps using a single tool, helping an enterprise to reduce time and costs required otherwise for hybrid cross-platform app development. The popularity of Xamarin mobile app development is increasing. Logiticks partners with you to design and develop real native mobile apps using Xamarin solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

Xamarin mobile app development platform provides convenient tools to develop both Android and native iOS applications with a fraction of the development efforts and time. Native mobile applications built with Xamarin provide better user experience with standardized UI controls. The main advantage of the Xamarin platform over other technologies is that about 75% of the app codebase can be shared across multiple mobile platforms, instead of designing an app independently for each operating system.